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Spring Sale

Enjoy Georgian cuisine like never before! This spring, our company is celebrating the start of the season with a special sale on food products from Georgia. Stock up on tasty treats like Fig Jams, Sun Dried Perssimon, Jonjoli (Pickled Flower Buds) and much more - all at unbeatable prices

Spring flash sales are now running.

— Condiments—

These condiments are a perfect manifestation of the Georgian spirit. The sharpness of character, the diversity of its people, the rich fertile lands, and the entire cornucopia of aromas are all reflected in the taste.

— Spices —

Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor, and as with life, that very spice imbues Georgian cuisine in all of its fine glory. From the beautiful khinkali with its twisted knobs to the depth of flavor of the satsivi dish, our various spices, and seasoning makes the preparation of Georgian recipes straightforward.

— Fruit Preserves—

Thanks to its fertile lands, Georgia is blessed with abundant biodiversity - making it home to an array of delicious produce. From watermelon jam to sun-dried persimmons, our preserves are sure to bring a unique flavor of Georgia right to your table.

— Georgian Wines—

Experience the best of Georgian winemaking with our selection of wines from this vibrant country! From full-bodied reds to light and lively whites, you'll find a variety of tastes and styles that showcase the unique terroir of Georgia

Experience the best of Georgia with Suneli Valley!

Majestic beauty of Georgia's Caucasus Mountains on a warm summer day. From Svaneti valley to the lush alpine meadows, take in the captivating scene of an alpine green meadow with nutritious grasslands!

Cook Georgian Cuisine with Authentic Ingredients

At Suneli Valley, we believe in bringing you a taste of Georgia like no other. We strive to provide the freshest and most authentic Georgian spices, seasonings and pastes. With our deep knowledge of these products, direct relationships with farmers and responsible food producers, and by cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer only the highest quality Georgian food products.

Our team takes pride in visiting our partners’ farms and foraging sites to ensure that land preservation is being upheld and regenerative techniques are in place when needed. With each purchase from us, you can be sure that you are receiving the finest Georgian flavors and helping local economies thrive!

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Suneli Valley is your go-to for the freshest and most authentic Georgian spices, pastes, flavorings and more! We're passionate about bringing you a taste of Georgian cuisine like no other - perfect for special occasions or just everyday cooking.

If you have favorite Georgian recipes and are searching for the ingredients you need, you've landed in the right place. We're dedicated to the finest quality and ready to help.
Our fast shipping will have an order on your doorstep in no time, including favorites like svanetian salt, dry adjika, khmeli suneli, satsebeli, tkemali, or adjika paste.

When you order Georgian spices and artisanal food products from Suneli Valley, you're supporting locally owned Georgian farms, many held in the same families for generations. They grow and harvest with time-honored methods and deep respect for the land. Our foraged forest products are harvested responsibly by local small businesses with a solid commitment to sustainable sourcing.

A farmer from the Village of Tieneti holding organically grown apples


Our partnership with the farmers and foragers in Georgia allows us to bring you unique flavors - all while supporting their efforts in reclaiming neglected farms and orchards. With each purchase, you're helping fund these initiatives while also enjoying the freshest ingredients!


At Suneli Valley, you can trust that every products is full of genuine Georgian flavors and tastes! Enjoy the freshest spices, sauces, flavorings, and wines to bring our authentic recipes to life. We are dedicated to quality ingredients sourced with time-honored methods and respect for the land.


We care deeply about the quality of the products we deliver to you. Our ingredients are grown sustainably and without pesticides, ensuring that every bite is safe yet flavorful. And our finished products have no preservatives, letting you truly taste the best of nature in each bite!