About Us | Georgian Food Products with Online Ordering

At Suneli Valley, we're an online specialty grocer selling and shipping Georgian food products in the United States. Our unique selection of spices and flavorings helps make it easy for you to cook Georgian cuisine with authentic taste. Everything we sell is grown on family-owned Georgian farms or responsibly foraged from forests in Georgia. Some of the best-selling products in our online market include svanetian salt, dry adjika, khmeli suneli, satsebeli, tkemali, and adjika paste. You'll find these and many others with fast, convenient shipping to make your favorite Georgian recipes taste delicious.

We're deeply committed to sustainable farming and foraging and work directly with Georgian food producers. Suneli Valley is a unique food store online because we deal directly with farmers and foragers without the middleman. It assures you of the freshest, most authentic, and best-tasting ingredients. At the same time, it supports small family farms and businesses in Georgia that are trying to survive against larger competitors. Our mission is to help you enjoy Georgian species and flavorings while helping the Republic of Georgia and its people -- they appreciate your support and patronage.

Georgian foods on a table. Suneli Valley is an online Georgian grocer.

Why Order Georgian Foods from Suneli Valley?

Our people have a deep understanding of and appreciation for Georgian dishes and making them taste authentic. We also are deeply committed to sustainable sourcing. When you order online from us, you'll be helping to support sustainable agriculture and sourcing. Some other food retailers may make those claims, but do they know their suppliers directly as we do? Our higher level of caring and commitment to freshness and quality make Suneli Valley one of a kind. Once you try our Georgian spices and flavorings, we're confident you'll never want to buy them elsewhere.

Some of our supplier partners are reclaiming neglected farms and orchards and bringing them back to vibrancy and productivity. We support their farmland restoration because of its contributions to long-term sustainability and creating, for you, our customers, the best possible farm-to-table eating experience. Georgia is a unique and special place with some of the most complex and interesting flavor profiles in its cuisine. If you're already familiar with Georgian food or want to learn more about it, shopping online with us. It’s the perfect way to make your favorite recipes more flavorful.

Suneli Valley logo. Food products supplied online from Georgia.