From Orchard to Table Tianeti's Plum Indulgence

Savor the natural sweetness of Suneli Valley's Sun-Dried Plums, cultivated in Tianeti, Georgia's fertile grounds. Each slice honors Georgian heritage and mindful cultivation, sun-dried to capture the aromatic richness and unique flavor of black plums without chemicals. Valued as a healthy snack and a culinary treasure, our sun-dried plums present a sustainable choice.

Authentic Flavors of Georgia

A splendid, natural Georgian snack straight from the high mountain village of Tianeti, Georgia. They are distinguished by their natural sweetness without any excesses, fully reflecting Georgia's ability to create culinary masterpieces from the simplest ingredients.

Harvested at Peak Season

Our plums are carefully picked at the height of their ripeness, ensuring they're bursting with natural flavors and nutrients. This peak-season harvest is crucial not just for capturing the essence of the fruit but also for preserving its inherent goodness through natural drying processes. It's this meticulous attention to timing and technique that serves as a hallmark of quality, distinguishing our sun-dried plums as superior in both taste and nutritional value.

Natural and Minimally Processed

Suneli Valley's dried plums are sourced from Tianeti's orchards, handpicked by local farmers committed to sustainable practices. We champion small-scale Georgian farms and enterprises that adhere to traditional cultivation and harvesting techniques. By doing so, we guarantee the use of fresh, minimally processed ingredients while bolstering the local economy. This approach underscores our dedication to natural quality and community support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tianeti Sun-Dried Plums special?

Beyond their delightful balance of sweetness and tartness, Tianeti Sun-Dried Plums are treasured for their rich nutrient content. Sun-drying preserves their vibrant flavors and natural goodness, making them a standout snack that captures the essence of Georgian agriculture.

How can I use these plums in my culinary endeavors?

Our sun-dried plums excel in versatility. They enrich cheese boards with their unique flavor, complement the finest Georgian wines, add depth to traditional dishes, and serve as a wholesome snack. Their distinct taste enhances both sweet and savory recipes, offering endless possibilities for creative cooking.

Are Tianeti Sun-Dried Plums suitable for specific dietary needs?

Yes, these plums are an excellent option for various diets. Being naturally fiber-rich and loaded with antioxidants, they support a healthy lifestyle. Their nutrient-dense profile makes them ideal for anyone seeking to incorporate more wholesome, plant-based foods into their diet.

How should I store these plums to maintain their quality?

To preserve their freshness and flavor, store the plums in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight. It's crucial to seal the packaging tightly after each use. Proper storage ensures that these sun-dried plums remain a delicious and nutritious treat for months.

Do these plums contain any additives or preservatives?

Our Tianeti Sun-Dried Plums are all about natural goodness. They are free from any additives or preservatives, embodying our commitment to offering pure, unaltered flavors direct from nature's bounty. You can enjoy them knowing you're experiencing the true taste of sun-ripened plums.

How does Suneli Valley support the local farming community?

Suneli Valley is deeply committed to fostering sustainable agriculture and supporting small Georgian farms. By partnering with local growers, we not only ensure a continuous supply of the highest quality plums but also contribute to the local economy. Our support helps these farms implement eco-friendly practices and maintain traditional cultivation methods, ensuring the survival and thriving of Georgian agricultural heritage.