We are proud to offer products imported directly from Georgia. In alignment with our company mission, we partner with local farmers and small businesses to ensure exceptional quality and sustainably sourced ingredients


These condiments are a perfect manifestation of the Georgian spirit. The sharpness of character, the diversity of its people, the rich fertile lands, and the entire cornucopia of aromas are all reflected in the taste.

Spices and Seasoning

Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor, and as with life, that very spice imbues Georgian cuisine in all of its fine glory. From the beautiful khinkali with its twisted knobs to the depth of flavor of the satsivi dish, our various spices, and seasoning makes the preparation of Georgian recipes straightforward.

Fruit Preserves

Thanks to the biodiversity of its fertile lands, fruits and berries are in abundance in Georgia. Up until recent history majority of fruits were preserved simply by sun drying or by making tklapi – a type of fruit leather. Jams came onto the scene later, as refined sugars become more available. From watermelon jam to sun-dried persimmons our preserves offer you a taste of Georgia.

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