Adjaruli Khachapuri (or Adjarian Khachapuri) is a boat-shaped bread filled with cheese and egg. It is said that the women of Adjara, located near the Black Sea, would welcome their sailor husbands home with this cheesy boat-shaped dish; the cheese symbolizes the sea, and the bright yellow yolk represents the sun. Preparing this dish was not only a way for the wives to feed their hungry husbands but also to wish them continual favorable sailing weather. Adjaruli khachapuri is a beautiful, tasty, and protein-packed dish that will delight the eater.  



Recipe Tips and Tricks 

  • If you have a stand mixer at home, you can knead the dough with the mixer for about 3 minutes using the dough hook attachment.  
  • The oven with the light on is a great place to allow the dough to rise. Make sure the oven is off, and only the light is on.  
  • Instead of using a tea towel, you can use plastic wrap to cover the bowl with the dough when it rises. In any case, ensure the dough is covered with a thin layer of oil to prevent it from drying.  
  • Depending on your preferred doneness of the egg, you can bake the khachapuri for an additional couple of minutes.  
  • You can brush the dough with an egg wash if you want a golden sheen on your finished khachapuri: Crack an egg into a small bowl. Add 1 tbsp milk. Using a fork, beat the egg and milk together. Using a pastry brush, brush the dough with the egg and milk mixture, then continue to step 8. 




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