Khinkali Recipe

Auther Lena R.

What is Khinkali?

Khinkali (pronounced hing-kaa-lee) is a flavorful meat and broth-filled dumpling from Georgia. These dumplings are a staple at supras- Georgian feasts. In Georgia, the word supra translates into tablecloth, and the word has become associated with Georgian feasts. As with many Georgian cuisine recipes, Khinkali filling varies from region to region. The most popular is a mixture of ground beef and pork. In the mountainous region of Georgia, Khinkali is predominantly made with ground lamb. The cooking process allows the seasoned meat filling to release a delicious broth within the dumpling. Khinkali can be considered an all-in-one meal. We have the broth (soup), the dough (bread), and the meat. An all-in-one meal! 

Ingredients Needed for Khinkali

  • All-purpose flour

For the best results, use wheat flour. The dough must be firmer to keep delicious juices contained inside.

  • Water

Use boiled water whenever called for in this recipe.

  •  Salt

Tightens the gluten strands making them stronger and creating a dough that can hold liquid and expand without tearing. 

  • Olive oil

Used to prevent the dough ball from drying out when resting the dough ball.

  • Beef and pork

 Do not use lean meat for the best results. You want some fat to be released and create the yummy broth.

  •  Onion

Adds flavor and texture to the meat filling.

  •  Hot pepper flakes:

Adds flavor and spice. Prefer to make Khinkali without the extra kick? Leave out the pepper flakes.

  •  Cilantro

Adds authentic Georgian flavor to the Khinkali.

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Knead the dough for a full ten minutes to get the desired results.  
  • You can use a cup, cookie cutter, or an empty and clean can from any canned goods to cut out the dough circles.   
  • When gathering the scraps, wait about 10 minutes before attempting to roll them out again. The dough needs to rest before being used again.  
  • To reheat cooked Khinkali, warm up some oil in a skillet on medium heat and fry them until lightly browned and golden- frying them adds another level of taste to this dish. 



How long can I store leftovers?  

  • Khinkali can be frozen and stored in the freezer for 2-3 months for a ready-to-cook meal.
  • In the refrigerator, cooked Khinkali can be stored in an airtight container for 3-5 days.  

Can I make it spicy?  

  • Of course! Add ground chili pepper or fresh, finely minced green chili to the meat filling. 

Ready to try this recipe? Don't be intimidated by the time-consuming method of making Khinkali. Recruit your friends or family and enjoy the process! Why not even stash your freezer with some delicious Khinkali for a busy day? 

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